The Lifestyle REALTOR® Life Coach – Feng Shui Consultant

Congratulations! The moment you have been waiting for is almost here. The moment when you will both want to formalize your upcoming nuptials with the purchase of your very first home.

While the joy of finding a new place to live together can be very exciting, the stress of merging two individual lives into one home can prove to be a little bit of a challenge.

My name is Michelle Alton and I am a trained and experienced Professional Life Coach, Lifestyle REALTOR®. My many years of experience helping people make lifestyle choices both as a veteran REALTOR® and a trained Personal Life Coach, provides me with a UNIQUE ability to provide a targeted, highly personalized home search like no other. Its a customized approach that focuses, first and foremost, on the lifestyle you want to live and then considers the ideal home that allows you both to live it.

Feel free to contact me for a complimentary Lifestyle Consultation at . Who knows, you may see me roaming around this years Toronto Bridal Show. If so, stop me and say “hello!” I’ll be the one with the bright green blouse. In the meantime, Live the life you love!

Michelle Alton, Sales Representative, CUG
The Lifestyle REALTOR®
Life Coach, Feng Shui Consultant
C: 416-618-3842