Vestige Wedding Films is a wedding videography company based in Toronto, Ontario that was started in 2015 with the vision of providing upscale and deluxe wedding cinematography to couples all over the world! We’re an all encompassing wedding videography company that prioritizes in staying current with all of our high-tech gear to ensure that our work remains the gold standard of wedding films.

Every member of our team has spent years learning and mastering their craft so any service that we provide is undertaken by an individual that specializes in that department. In other words, our cinematographers do not also act as photographers and vice versa. Some companies will have the same individual act as the cinematographer, photographer, audio supervisor etc. We do not believe in compromising our work by assigning specialized responsibilities to people that don’t specialize in that specific department.

Lastly, we only book a maximum of two weddings per week. This will ensure that we can attentively cater each client’s event without any additional distractions. Service quality is absolutely paramount to us as it is key to longevity in a competitive business like the one we’re in. If you decide to choose us to capture your wedding day rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned to create the best wedding film experience possible. Thank you for considering Vestige Wedding Films!