PURCHASE A VOLVO. GET A EUROPEAN HONEYMOON. Bring home an Unforgettable Overseas Honeymoon Experience: Want a new car and a European Honeymoon? Consider a road trip through Europe in your own Volvo. Connect with European Delivery Program, a truly unique way to buy a car and visit Europe. Great Savings, Complimentary Travel, Free Home Shipment and more included: Two complimentary round trip to Europe-Gothenburg, Sweden. One free Hotel night for two in Gothenburgh VIP delivery at the home of Volvo including our exciting Factory Tour, 15 days of International Insurance and Export registration, Complimentary Home Shipment of your New Volvo to a authorized Volvo retailer in Canada, 6.1% Import duty included, The opportunity to explore Europe in your Volvo, Delivery at selected retailers in Europe* if chosen instead of Gothenburg, Sweden *additional charges may apply

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